Visit of Keiko Hamano

Earth-life science institute (ELSI), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Planetary system scientist with an interest in atmospheres and early climate.

22/02/2018 (Thursday)
12.15-13.00: CSH Lunch Seminar (G6 -108)
13.00-14.30: Lunch

Title: Evolution of H2-H2O atmosphere coupled with solidification of a magma ocean

Abstract: Giant impacts at late stages of planet formation would have consequences for global melting of terrestrial planets and formation of a magma ocean. Thermal evolution of a magma ocean is closely linked with formation of planetary atmosphere via its greenhouse and blanketing effects. Recently, a coupled evolution of early atmosphere and a magma ocean has been investigated independently by several groups (e.g. Elkins-Tanton 2008, Hamano et al. 2013,2015, Lebrun et al. 2013, Schaefer et al. 2016) for terrestrial planets in our solar system and beyond. These studies have focused on oxidizing atmospheres such as H2O and CO2, while early atmosphere could be very reducing, for a example, by chemical reaction with metallic iron scattered upon giant impact events. In this talk, I will discuss evolution of a H2-H2O atmosphere and a magma ocean, and its consequences to early climate.