Host: Kevin Heng (kevin.heng 'at'


Office during visit: G6 building, #105

17th May 2017 (Wed)

09.30-10.00: Kevin Heng (G6 116)
10.00-10.30: Maria Drozdovskaya (G6 206)
10.30-11.00: Brice-Olivier Demory (G6 201)
11.00-11.30: F. Wagner (G6 111)
11.30-12.00: D. Bower (G6 111)
12.00-12.15: pick up lunch from the mensa
12.15-13.00: CSH Lunch (with special guests Madhusudhan & Trotta and Uni Bern philosophers)
13:30-14:00: Daniel Angerhausen
14.15-15.15: Nikku Madhusudhan's CSH Colloquium (ExWi, B5)
15.30-16.00: coffee/tea break with speakers (G6 coffee room)
16.15-17.15: Roberto Trotta's CSH Colloquium (ExWi, B6)
17.40: assembly in the lobby of the G6
17.45-18:25: drinks and discussion at Grosse Schanze (pay your own)
18.30 onwards: speaker(s) dinner, Chinese restaurant next to Starbucks at Hirschengraben tram stop (Heng, Madhusudhan, Trotta, Maria D., Daniel K., Maria O., Joao, Matej, Daniel A.; Marko S). [Altes Tramdepot, our usual venue, has said they are unavailable.]

18th May 2017 (Thur)

09.00-09.30: Susanne Wampfler (G6 coffee room)
09.30-10.00: astro-ph coffee (G6 coffee room)
10.00-10.30: Daniel Kitzmann (G6, 115)
10.30-11.00: Maria Oreshenko (G6, 112)
11.00-11.30: Matej Malik (G6, 112)
11.30-12.00: Kevin Heng (G6 116)
12.15-13.00: CSH Seminar (G6 -108)
13.00: Departure

[Madhu leaves in the "early afternoon".]