Unified Schedule for CSH Colloquia & WP Seminars


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This is for the regular 14.15-15.15 slot in ExWi B5. Note that the CSH also sponsors speakers in the Bern Physics Colloquium series (Wednesdays, 16.15-17.15, ExWi B6).

20/09 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Richard Nelson (Queen Mary University of London)
Title: Recent developments in understanding the dynamics of protoplanetary discs and the migration of embedded planets
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini (WP)
This talk will take place in Gesellschaftsstrasse 6, Room -108.

21/09 (Thu): Dr. Andrea Fortier (WP, CHS, CHEOPS, Bern)
Title: CHEOPS - News and prospects

27/09 (Wed): Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya (CSH)
Title: Roots of complex organic molecules from star-forming regions to comets
Host: Prof. Brice-Olivier Demory (CSH)

28/09 (Thu): Dr. Michael Sori (LPL) & Ali Bramson (LPL)
Title: TBC

04/10 (Wed): Dr. Kostas Dialynas (Academy of Athens)
Title: The Study of the Kronian System and the Heliosphere with Cassini/MIMI: From the Saturn Orbit Insertion to the Grand finale
Host: Dr. Andre Galli (WP)

057107 (Thu): Dr. Apurva Oza (IPSL)
Title: TBC

11/10 (Wed): Dr. Chris Ormel (University of Amsterdam)
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini (WP)

12/10 (Thu): Dr. Clément Surville (University of Zürich)
Title: TBC

18/10 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden Observatory) [NOTE: CSH Distinguished Lecture!]
Title: Zooming in on the planet-forming zones of disks around young stars
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya
[Extra info: Ewine will deliver 3 CSH Distinguished Lectures: for a general physics audience (18/10), for specialists (19/10), public (20/10).]

25/10 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Karri Muinonen (University of Helsinki)
Title: Photopolarimetric phase effects of airless planetary objects
Host: PD Dr. Antoine Pommerol (WP)

26/10 (Thu): Prof. Heidi Korhonen (University of Copenhagen)
Title: TBC

01/11 (Wed): Dr. Steve Charnley (NASA-GSFC)
Title: Isotope Fractionation in the Interstellar Medium and Solar System
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya (CSH)

2/11 (Thu): Dr. Laurette Piani (CRPG/CNRS)
Title: TBC

08/11 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Christine Hvidberg (Niels Bohr Institute)
Host: Dr. Patricio Becerra & PD Dr. Antoine Pommerol (WP)
[Extra info: Prof. Dr. Giovanna Tinetti will give the BPC talk on this day with the title, "A Chemical Survey of Exoplanets". Host: Dr. Andrea Fortier.]

09/10 (Thu): Dr. Paul Molière (MPIA)
Title: TBC

15/11 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Bernard Marty (CRPG-Lorraine)
Title: Delivery of cometary volatile and biogenic elements to terrestrial planets
Host: PD Dr. Martin Rubin (WP)

22/11 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Adrian Lenardic (Rice University)
Title: Tectonics, Climate and Planetary Life Potential
Host: Dr. Dan Bower (CSH)
[Extra info: Prof. Dr. Xuening Bai gives the BPC talk on this day with the title, "Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks from Realistic MHD Simulations". Host: Kevin Heng.]

23/11 (Thu): Dr. Igor Pikovski (CfA, Harvard University)
Title: From the quantum twin paradox to decoherence - Post-Newtonian effects in quantum theory

29/11 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Hubert Klahr (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg)
Title: The Role of Hydrodynamic Instabilities in the Formation of Planetesimals
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini (WP)

30/11 (Thu): Dr. Sergio Loppolo (The Open University)
Title: TBC

06/12 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Tsevi Mazeh (Tel Aviv University)
Title: Stellar rotation and exoplanets obliquity: What can we learn from the Kepler space mission data gold mine?
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini (WP)
Prof. Mazeh will also give a second talk on "A dormant stellar black hole orbiting a giant star in the LMC". Date and time are TBD.

07/12 (Thu): Dr. Baptiste Rousseau (Grenoble)
Title: Interpretation of VIRTIS/Rosetta surface spectra of comet 67P from laboratory reflectance measurements of cometary analogues, including iron sulphides

13/12 (Wed): Prof. Dr. Paola Caselli (MPE, Munich) [other events: CHEOPS Science Team Meeting #12]
Title: Our Astrochemical Origins
Host: Dr. Susanne Wampfler (CSH)

14/12 (Thu): Dr. Victor Rivilla (Arcetri)
Title: TBC

20/12 (Wed): Dr. Gael Chauvin (IPAG-Grenoble)
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini (WP)
Dr. Steve Charnley (NASA-GSFC)