Unified Schedule for CSH Colloquia & WP Seminars


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This is for the regular 14.15-15.15 slot in ExWi B5. Note that the CSH also sponsors speakers in the Bern Physics Colloquium series (Wednesdays, 16.15-17.15, ExWi B6).

21/02/18 (Wed): Prof. Ilse Cleeves (Harvard University / University of Virginia) - Office # 018
Title: X-ray Driven Time Domain Astrochemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
Host: Dr. Susanne Wampfler
*Note that this is the first week of semester, so this talk is hosted internally in G6 -108

28/02/18 (Wed): Dr. Tom Davison (Imperial College London) - Office # 204
Title: Mesoscale modelling of impact compaction of primitive Solar System solids
Host: Dr. Martin Jutzi

07/03/18 (Wed): Dr. Nadine Nettelmann (Univ. of Rostock) - Office # 204
Title: Interior of exo-Neptunes and Neptune: why having fewer constraints makes you happier
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

14/03/18 (Wed): Prof. Joachim Wambsganss (Heidelberg / ISSI-Bern) - Office # 204
Title: Gravitational microlensing
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini and Prof. Kevin Heng

21/03/18 (Wed): Dr. Nicola Tosi (DLR-Berlin / TU-Berlin) - Office # 204
Title: Solid-state convection during magma ocean solidification in terrestrial bodies
Host: Dr. Dan Bower

28/03/18 (Wed): Dr. Steve Charnley (NASA-GSFC) - Office # 204
Title: Isotope Fractionation in the Interstellar Medium and Solar System
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

11/04/18 (Wed): Dr. Arnaud Belloche (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy) - Office # 204
Title: Complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium
Host: Dr. Maria Drozdovskaya

16/04/18 (Mon): Prof. David McComas (Princeton)
Title: Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Observations of Our Evolving Heliosphere
Host: Prof. Peter Wurz and Dr. André Galli
*Note: this talk takes place in G6 -108

18/04/18 (Wed): Dr. Juan Cabrera (DLR-Berlin) - Office # 204
Title: PLATO: news and prospects
Host: Dr. Andrea Fortier

25/04/18 (Wed): Prof. Ken Rice (University of Edinburgh) - Office # 207
Title: Self-gravitating protoplanetary discs
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

*25/04/18 (Wed): Prof. Edo Berger (Harvard University) [BERN PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM] - Office # 204
Title: CSH Distinguished Lecture on Astronomical Transients
Host: Prof. Kevin Heng

02/05/18 (Wed): Dr. Jessica Agarwal (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research) - Office # 207
Title: Multi-instrument observations of outbursts in comet 67P
Host: Antoine Pommerol

09/05/18 (Wed): Prof. Britney Schmidt (Georgia Tech) - Office # 207
Title: tbd
Host: Dr. Patricio Becerra

16/05/18 (Wed): Dr. Aymeric Spiga (LMD, Paris) - Office # 207
Title: Exploration of planetary atmospheres with high-resolution climate modeling
Host: PD Dr. Antoine Pommerol

23/05/18 (Wed): PD Dr. Frank Postberg (Heidelberg University) - Office # 207
Title: tbd
Host: Dr. Andre Galli

30/05/18 (Wed): Prof. Barbara Ercolano (LMU) - Office # 207
Title: The influence of the dispersal phase of a planet-forming disc on the formation and evolution of planetary systems
Host: Prof. Christoph Mordasini

Dr. Steve Charnley (NASA-GSFC)